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D38 x 12 / N38 - NdFeB Magnet

  Netto Brutto:
Preis ab: 1 Stk 5,45 EUR 6,70 EUR
Preis ab: 30 Stk 5,14 EUR 6,32 EUR
Preis ab: 80 Stk 4,84 EUR 5,95 EUR
Erhältliche Menge 698 Stk 
Zum Warenkorb:
Durchmesser: 38 mm +0,1/-0,1 mm
Höhe: 12 mm +0,1/-0,1 mm
Magnetisierungsrichtung: längs des Ausmasses 12 mm
Beschichtung: Nickel (Ni+Cu+Ni)
max. Haftkraft: 27 kg


Magnetic properties of material grade N38: remanence Br 1,21-1,25 [T], coercivity HcB min. 899 [kA/m], coercivity HcJ min. 955 [kA/m], energy product (BH)max 286-302 [kJ/m3] (Magnetic properties of a particular material, together with its shape, volume, max. working temperature and direction of magnetization have influence on practical magnetic properties of a magnet.)

Physical proprieties: density ~7,5 [g/cm3], Vickers’ hardness (HV) ~600 [kG/mm2], resistivity ~144 [uOhm x cm]

Max. working temperature is no more than 80°[C]. (For flat magnets and magnets mounted in the open magnetic circuit working temperature may be insignificantly lower. For high magnets and magnets mounted in the closed magnetic circuit working temperature equals max. working temperature for a given material.) Curie’s temperature is ~ 310°[C]. Temperature coefficient of remanence TK(Br): approx. -0,12 %/°[C]. Temperature coefficient of coercivity TK(HcJ): approx. -0,6 %/°[C].

Direction of magnetization along the height means that one circular surface of a magnet makes the N-pole, while the other – opposite – circular surface refers to the S-pole.

Magnetic flux: ~35862 x 10-3 [mWb], for K(Helmholtz coil constant) = 4,54 × 10-4[m]

Magnetic moment: ~35862 x 10-3 [mWb] × 4,54 × 10-4[m] = ~16281,348 x 10-6 [mWb] × [m]

Magnetic field in geometrical center of surface of the magnetic pole, with a distance of 0,7 [mm] is ~0,311 [T]

Magnetic field next to the edge of surface of the magnetic pole (max.), with a distance of 0,7 [mm] is ~0,401 [T]

Pull force: ~27,0 [kg]. The pull force was measured by using smooth metal sheet 10 [mm] thick, acting with perpendicular detaching force. The air gap comprised between the metal sheet and a magnet causes reduction in the pull force.

All the numbers quoted were obtained as a result of tests with one specific item in a room temperature and are intended to serve for comparison of practical magnetic properties of magnets offered by the shop.

Anticorrosive protection: coating Ni+Cu+Ni. Do not use in water.

Sintered neodymium magnets are brittle (fragile). A neodymium magnet without housing could break after an impact with another strong magnet.

Weight of the magnet: ~102,02 [g]

We recommend testing of a magnet sample in specific conditions.

As an example, you will find attached a graph of a course of the II quadrant of magnetic hysteresis loop for a material grade N38


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